Vermilion Escape Game

The Vermilion escape game is a luxurious and beautiful-designed murder mystery game with hand-crafted interactive robot.


Lovingly built by Eugine Whitmore, Founder of the Vermilion Society, Tommy Automaton is a glowing example of the beautiful inventions that Eugine created. Tommy patiently awaits the return of his master unbeknownst that he met his untimely demise in 1965 by the hand of the Syndicate elite. Even though he still patiently waits, his stiff upper lip and charm has not diminished. One of the most loved creations of his time, Eugine whiled away the days discussing politics, science and humanity with Tommy. Tommy remembers these days very well and longs for the day when a new master will take Eugine’s place.


Tommy is a lovable, friendly and warm chap that is always happy to see anybody enter into the Vermilion Society headquarters. He sometimes gets a bit lonely, so make sure you make a good old conversation with him. He likes to chat. Speaking with a quintessentially British accent, Tommy was beloved by all for his insight, knowledge and love of everything Glenn Miller. He is sometimes still found listening to Glenn Miller’s greatest hits on repeat. Listening to it for over 50 years must be getting tiring.


The Vermilion escape game is an exquisite cigar lounge escape room in Southampton and Portsmouth. All copies of the Vermilion escape room experience are the same. In Southampton, you can play 2 teams against each other in a race against the clock and each other. This is perfect for teambuiding and puts a unique spin on the puzzle room experience. Additionally, it has a wonderfully-hand-crafted robot called Tommy Automaton. This makes Vermilion a very popular escape room because of Tommy. He makes the room even more magical.