Mayan Escape Game Southampton

The God of Death awaits you in the Mayan Escape Game Southampton.


Historically known as the God of death and disaster, Ah Puch (pronounced ‘Ah Pwosh’ in the ancient Mayan) language is a being with power and might to destroy anything in his path. Don’t believe the hype though, Ah Puch can be as caring and loving as he is mighty and omnipresent. Of course, Ah Puch oversees the Mayan temple, bearing witness to any brave adventurer who dares enter the temple. Are you are worthy to be bestowed the elixir of life?


A booming voice vibrates the ruins of the Mayan temple. You must appease him in order to get a hint. So, you will need to pray to him by saying the sacred words “Praise Ah Puch”. Although sarcastic and humorously condescending, Ah Puch is a loving God that wants the very best for the world and for the good people in it. If you don’t cross him, he will be your friend for eternity.


The Mayan escape game Southampton is an immersive adventure filled with physical challenges, innovative puzzles and sensory experience. This one-of-a-kind escape room lends itself to the likes of Indiana Jones, The Crystal Maze and Tomb Raider in a large team escape room fit for all the family. Able to host up to 8 people, the Mayan escape room experience is the largest escape room in Hampshire. As the room is designed for up to 8 people, it is recommended that you bring a minimum of 4 people in order to succeed. Teams of less than this amount may struggle to complete the room. Never fear, the God of Death is there to help you along your way if you are deemed worthy.